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Fire Facts

Evergreen Elf™ believes Christmas should be a time of joy, not tragedy. Simple fire safety and prevention measures go a long way to avoid Christmas Tree fires and ensure your family has a safe and happy Holiday season.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month and batteries should be replaced at least twice a year.

Always keep a fire extinguisher in the home, in a place that has easy access. Most modern extinguishers will maintain pressure for 5-15 years. Check that the needle is in the green area once monthly when conducting fire safety inspections. Older extinguishers should be checked by a professional.

When decorating your tree, use lights that produce low heat. This will also reduce the drying of the tree.

Inspect light sets prior to use. Frayed wires, exposed light sockets, exposed wires or a broken or cracked light socket means it is time to replace your lights with new ones. Don’t just throw them away! Christmas lights can be recycled too – be sure to look into local options available each year around the Holidays.

Do not overload the electrical circuits with light stands. Low wattage strands help to reduce the draw to the socket. Where possible, distribute Christmas lights between electrical outlets and between home circuits.

Make sure you have and review a fire escape plan with your family. The National Fire Prevention Association has great tips for all ages to engage in a fire escape plan. Visit their site here.

Christmas tree fires account for over 17 million dollars in damages annually.

Despite popular belief, research has shown that artificial trees catch fire as often as live trees. And when they burn, they release toxic fumes and chemicals.
Evergreen Elf believes that freshest is best. For more live Christmas tree care tips, visit our tips page.